Reading Time: 3 minutes A bronze chainmail dicebag. (Credit: denise carbonell, Flickr, CC license.)
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Welcome to the new home of Roll to Disbelieve!

A bronze chainmail dicebag. (Credit: denise carbonell, Flickr, CC license.)

I’m Cassidy McGillicuddy, aka Captain Cassidy. You can call me Cas if you want. Two years ago, I asked in my very first blog post:

Sometimes you just get lucky and make the roll that defines all lucky rolls for all time. Sometimes you’re the low-level noob in the party facing off against some impossibly strong and dangerous illusion and you’re the only one who makes the saving roll to disbelieve. How do you save your party? How do you help them believe that you can see through the illusion when it seems so real to them?

I asked that question because when I left Christianity all those years ago, I was the only person I’d ever known who’d done that, and that was the only paradigm I could think of that really fit how it felt to be in that position. I’ve been blogging over at WordPress ever since. You also might have seen me pop up around the Disqusverse in a few places as a commenter (Religion Dispatches and Religion News, Raw Story, and of course a number of Patheos blogs around here). In addition, I contribute frequently to the Recovering from Religion blog Ex-Communications.

I’m an ex-Christian, meaning that I was once a Christian. I left the religion about twenty years ago, meandered through some other religions and worldviews, and settled into happy dontknowdontcare about five years ago. Ex-Christians often call that process of leaving and disengaging from religion deconversion, so that’s the term I use as well to describe my experience. I’m a skeptic and freethinker. I talk about hypocrisy, religious overreach, and delusional thinking in general. I cuss sometimes and I post pictures of cats, and I probably make way too many references to 1980s movies, music, and SNL skits. “Some may call this junk. But me, I call them treasures,” as the man said.

Speaking of which, as you can likely guess, I’ve been a tabletop roleplaying game enthusiast and video-gamer since my early teens, starting with Dungeons & Dragons and my trusty Atari 2600 system–there was a hiatus from gaming while I was an evangelical, as you might imagine, but I returned to it afterward. Tabletop gaming is where the name of this blog comes from, actually, which we’ll talk about soon. I enjoy and appreciate gaming culture and how people create so many different universes for entertainment and interact with them–the parallels with religion write themselves! I also enjoy learning and writing about psychology, history, science, and the failings of apologetics arguments and pseudoscience and history revisionism.

This blog is about how we’re awakening, as a culture, from an illusory world to the real one–singly, in groups, and as a society.

I tend to prefer writing longer-form essays over short news flashes, so if you like to go in-depth on topics, this is your place. I’ve put some tabs up top featuring some of the series I’ve done, as well as commenting guidelines. I don’t think the “Contact Me” page works quite yet and there are a few hiccups with Disqus stuff, all of which we’ll get worked out by and by.

You can currently find me here on R2D on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and on Ex-Communications on MWFs (with updates happening at night in both cases because I’ve finally come to grips with being totally not a morning person). And I hope that you do hang out with us, because the second leg of this journey promises to be really exciting.

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ROLL TO DISBELIEVE "Captain Cassidy" is Cassidy McGillicuddy, a Gen Xer and ex-Pentecostal. (The title is metaphorical.) She writes about the intersection of psychology, belief, popular culture, science,...