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Children playing in a safe space,
Children playing in a safe space, (Photo credit: Save the Children). Every human being deserves safe spaces in his or her life.

Housekeeping kinda post. I just wanted to say that we’re now at two(ish) months since this blog began and I’m just so impressed with how the community is managing itself. I put comments on moderation to help create a “safe space” for those who don’t normally get a safe space in the blogosphere, and I want y’all to know something I realized today and found rather remarkable: I have approved without changes every single comment I’ve ever gotten on this blog. I’ve never yet had to edit or refuse any comments. Of the “contact me” notes, I’ve gotten nothing but nice folks being as nice as they can. (I’ve responded to all of those notes, too, so if you sent me a private message and didn’t get a reply when you wanted one, then please re-note me; I’m still getting the hang of this software.)

Folks, I wasn’t expecting this level of civility, graciousness, and kindness, and I’ve never been happier to be proven wrong. And to think I was ever nervous! Here–have some kittens partying down to celebrate our two-month anniversary!

The three jolly kittens: at the feast
The three jolly kittens: at the feast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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