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I’m really painfully new at this blogging thing, so I’m trying really hard to catch up and learn what I need to learn to make this place amenable to visitors. If you notice some shortcoming I should address or some feature I really need to have to be cool, please note it below in comments (and even better, if you know of a webpage explaining how to do this, link a sista up, please).

Features I’m working on adding include a contact form so you guys can email/message me if you feel the need and a counter because I’m kind of old-school that way. I only just now figured out how to add additional “header” documents to the blog, so this might take time.

Welcome to all the new faces, and thank you for the various link-ups. I’ve been overwhelmed with the support I’ve gotten for my little blog and I can’t tell you enough how happy (and humbled) I’ve been with the level of welcome I’ve gotten. Thank you all so very much.

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