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Moving day! (Credit: CJ Sorg, CC license.)
Moving day! (Credit: CJ Sorg, CC license.)

Good news, everyone!

Most of y’all know I’ve been helping the Recovering from Religion group with their Patheos blog, Ex-Communications, for about the last six months. It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve really enjoyed helping them in such a meaningful and loving endeavor. The editor of their atheism group, Dale McGowan, has asked me if I wanted to join them on a more formal basis, and I’ve accepted. So in the next week, Roll to Disbelieve is heading for Patheos.

I’m floored and honored to be counted among the number of Dan Fincke, Libby Anne, Hemant Mehta, Neil Carter, and the rest of the fine writers there, and could not be happier about this move.

You shouldn’t notice much of a change. On the back end, I’ll be setting up redirects that should take care of the worst of the joggling around; if you type in my normal URL you should go straight to the new Patheos location. The content will remain much the same–our usual free-ranging examinations of hypocrisy, harmful ideas and practices, ways to improve ourselves and our world, freethinking and humanism awakenings, and 80s movie references.

We’ll obviously be dropping the WordPress commenting system and moving to Patheos’ standard system, Disqus, so that’ll be a big change; for the last year and a half I’ve been moderating this blog with a fairly tight hand, but let’s be honest: though I was really nervous about what Christians would do if allowed to run amok, I haven’t had a lot of trouble out of them. I’ve only blocked like three people since we began our journey and I haven’t had to edit very many comments at all. I was going to open comments up anyway here, so this isn’t a bad time to just loosen the throttle and “Let It Go, Let It Go.” (Sorry, but if it’s stuck in my head then it’s going to be stuck in yours too.) If you need a Disqus ID, now’s a good time to be thinking about it.

I hope you’ll enjoy the blog’s new home as much as I’m sure I will, and that you’ll continue to journey with me. Thanks again for an absolutely incredible couple of years. Seriously, I couldn’t have done it without y’all. Together we have built up the best community on the whole internet.

If I’m supposed to be miserable after leaving Christianity, I sorta wonder when that’s going to start happening.

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