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As promised, here’s the link to the radio interview I did with the Minnesota Atheists: linkie! Enjoy it! It was a hell of a lot of fun and definitely an experience I will treasure for years.

And I can finally share this: Ex-Communications, a blog just launched on Patheos by the Recovering From Religion folks, is now open for business. I’m one of their official bloggers! I’ve got a number of entries there already and will be adding to that list as the days progress. Hope you like it! I’ll link y’all when I put a new entry up there.

I’ll still be blogging here–the Ex-Communications blog is more about, well, recovering from religion. It’s a tight focus, and that’s the real strength of it. I really think that this is the perfect time to talk about this topic and the perfect way to do it, so I was incredibly excited to be asked to join their team. Specifically I’ll be holding forth on issues specific to deconversion and recognizing the harm that religion does. As you know, I talk about a lot of other topics, and that’s what we’ll continue to discuss here at Roll to Disbelieve.

<3 you all. Seriously, y’all are the best. I never even imagined a year ago that I’d be contributing to Patheos, and it’s happening so fast because of your friendliness and kind words. I’m just stunned and humbled by it all. Thank you for your support and warm welcome to the blogging world.

Sleep well, world. Tomorrow’s going to be one hell of a day.

Sunrise over the Baltic Sea. (Credit: Holger - PC Problems, CC license.)
Sunrise over the Baltic Sea. (Credit: Holger – PC Problems, CC license.)
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