school days school days good old golden rule days
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Hi and welcome to Roll to Disbelieve’s August Super Special! Just in case the back-to-school, end-of-summer doldrums are leaving you at loose ends, here are some past posts that can help keep you occupied.

school days school days good old golden rule days
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The Christian Movie Mega-Reviews!

What’s summer without movies? For these, we paired Christian movies and booze to see what happens. (We did A Thief in the Night in the last special. This time, we present the other ones!)

  • He’s in Love With a Church Girl. The first one. Well, we reviewed the trailer. Turns out that’s all we needed.
  • The Great Left Behind-a-Palooza (the Nic Cage one). I’m still amazed at just how much nothing actually happens in this movie.
  • Fireproof. Kirk Cameron plays an atheist-according-to-evangelicals. His marriage suffers till he learns to Jesus properly.
  • God’s Club. Aww, everyone’s so mean to them for jus’ bein’ KRISchin! How many times does the star squint? Find out here.
  • Christian Mingle. An extended infomercial of a movie that makes Christians look absolutely awful.
  • Dark Dungeons. I LOVED THIS.
  • It Takes a Church. You’ll never wonder again why evangelicals have trouble finding mates.
  • A Matter of FaithOh, Harry, no! Baby, what is you doin’? How’d they get you into this? A flamethrower aimed at your dog?
  • I’m Not Ashamed. A sickening and exploitive mess that really damned well should be ashamed.
  • Second Glance. Amazing. Simply amazing.
  • Let There Be Light. Wait, did evangelicals think we needed a reminder about how much they hate us?
  • Facing the Giants (and Part 2). A football movie that demonstrates that Christians do everything poorly.
  • God’s Not Dead. Hoo boy, this was so bad that I spent about two weeks ripping it apart after this review (see the tag).

We’re about overdue for another review, wouldn’t you say?

Seriously, Apologetics Is Awful.

Apologetics exists to keep Christians in the fold (and apologists well-fed). It doesn’t–and can’t really–persuade anybody who can catch the dishonest sleight-of-hand apologists routinely use. If someone feels real doubts, then apologetics won’t be it, chief. Apologetics backfires then–as it should! And I’ve written a lot skewering this Christian cottage industry.

The Handbook for the Recently Deconverted: Apologetics.

I loved writing these. (See the whole handbook here.)

Enjoy the end of summer, however you spend it! See you next time, when we dive into the two ways Christians use their false promise of Christian peace! <3

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PS: Most of the movie reviews spawned related posts discussing them in more detail and with more context. Check the tag list at the bottom of each post. If the movie name’s there, then if you click that tag you’ll be taken to a page containing all the related posts. 

This post is an Off-Topic Wonderland! 🙂 Favorite school memory?

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