Reading Time: 3 minutes (Ashley Edwards.) Obviously, totally Christian. Totally.
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Welcome! This weekend, much of the world celebrates Easter. This holiday represents a celebration of renewal and rebirth–and not only for Christians! In that vein, enjoy this hand-curated collection of past Roll to Disbelieve posts that relate to this time of year!

(Ashley Edwards.) Obviously, totally Christian. Totally.

Easter Shenanigans.

Ah, Easter. It’s one of the biggest holidays of the Christian calendar. It’s also one of the best opportunities to see the weirdest, most nonsensical aspects of the religion in action.

Lights, Camera, Crucifixion!

Below, links to our recently-hosted guest movie fanedit of The Passion of the Christ. Come for the snark. Stay for the thoughtful, on-target critique of a movie–and religion–long overdue for it. (PS: ssj edited out a lot of the gore.)

Evangelism and Rebirth.

At this time of year, Christians’ fancies lightly turn to thoughts of rebirths of various kinds.


I reckon I still have a bit of a soft spot for paganism as a culture.

  • Just Another Brick in the Wall (Falls Out). Teen Pentecostal Cassidy learns about ancient non-Christian religions bearing a startling similarity to her own.
  • Wherein Yr. Loyal Correspondent Attends a Pagan Orgy. What it says on the tin. My young-adult years could be charitably described as “often accidentally exciting.”
  • We All Crazy, and We Do What We Do. A Christian briefly converts to paganism, makes a big honkin’ deal out of it, then reconverts back to Christianity when paganism didn’t do something it never promised anybody it could do (but something which Christians promise endlessly–and falsely–that their religion can do). Dizzy yet? Come meet Teo Bishop.
  • The Day I Met a Pagan Fundie. They exist. And they’re just as tiresome as Christian fundies are. That day, I learned both facts almost simultaneously.

Have a wonderful weekend, however you’re spending it! See you again on Half Price Chocolate Bunny Day!

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