autumn trees shoreline in michigan
Reading Time: 3 minutes (Chris Pagan.) Gorgeous autumn shoreline in Michigan.
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Hi and welcome back! Gosh, the spigot of summer just turned off around here. It is FALL, overnight! And at the turn of seasons, a young blogger’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of SUPER SPECIALS. Enjoy this curated collection of past hits from Roll to Disbelieve.

autumn trees shoreline in michigan
(Chris Pagan.) A gorgeous autumn shoreline in Michigan.

Change, Change, Change.

When I was Christian, one thing I took for granted was my god’s ability to change people. Indeed, we were born again! We were new creations! Hooray Team Jesus! Except not really, actually.

Banned Books Week.

And here are books I’ve talked about in the past, in honor of Banned Books Week (September 22-28).

And a One-Off.

I ran across this post (doing a search you’ll likely figure out immediately) and thought it was one of the weirdest titles I’d ever come up with. I’ll probably do a Super Special theme based around it soon, but I had to share it now:

If you’re interested in checking out posts I’ve tidied up, I added a tag for it and most of the tidied-up posts live there. Find ’em here. On that note: I don’t substantively change posts after they’re published. “Tidying up” involves adding section headers and tags, cleaning up overly-long sentences and paragraphs, and making the post easier to read. Very occasionally, I take out bits that wandered completely into the weeds (by even my egregious standards). However, if anything substantive changes, then I note that change.

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This post is an Off-Topic Wonderland! 🙂 Favorite school memory?

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