Reading Time: 3 minutes (Luca Baggio.)
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Well! Yesterday, we celebrated the Spring Equinox! As you gaze out across this wonderful planet of ours today, please enjoy these science-related past posts from Roll to Disbelieve.

(Luca Baggio.)


Our Big Blue Marble.

(Nick Owuor (astro.nic.visuals).)

Animals, Mostly Not Including Cats.


What can I say? Bumble likes boxes. Also: WOW this cat is ACTIVATED

Humanity’s Ancient Past.

(Osama Shukir Muhammed Amin – More info here. CC-SA.) Four Mesopotamian gods, c. 2130 BCE.

Friends, thanks for being part of Roll to Disbelieve. I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down Memory Lane as much as I have!

I totally did not pose them. They sleep like this. (Bumble is on the left; you can tell because his nose is filthy.)

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Consider this post an Off-Topic Wonderland 🙂 If you like outdoors stuff, what is your favorite little chunk of this planet?

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