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JAQing off – my newest Recovering from Religion post about how to identify and deal with Christians asking insincere “zinger” questions that they don’t really want (or even expect) answered.

Learning to Embrace Blasphemy – Neil’s newest RR post about how blasphemy was hard to handle and hear right after his deconversion. And I think he’s right. One of our lovely commenters noted a while ago (Charles?) that some of the language we experienced ex-Christians use can feel a little brash and jangly to a fresh deconvert. It takes time to lose those old ingrained habits of veneration and respect for Christian tropes and idols. But learning that lesson is invaluable because as we make that journey we learn what actually deserves our veneration and respect–and we learn the even more invaluable lesson about the sheer power of mockery. If you’re recently starting out on this highway you’ll want to see this post.

Boys Can’t Be Girls … Transitions in Transgender Acceptance – RR’s leader Sarah Morehead talks about how she explained transgender people to her kids and how she herself evolved in understanding, moving from the traditional-Christian party line to grow into a mindset that is a lot more compassionate and loving.

I Kept Calm, but I was Definitely Offended – Teresa MacBain’s reaction, as an ex-minister, to a post by our friend Deanna over at Godless in Dixie about narcissistic preachers. I can easily guess that post ruffled some feathers and really liked how Teresa deconstructed her reactions. The process she used to examine her feelings and resolve them could apply to a lot of other situations. Lots of growth and beautiful introspection in this–definite recommend.

English: The daughters of Empress Theodora bei...
English: The daughters of Empress Theodora being instructed in the veneration of the icons by their grandmother Theoktiste. Skyllitzes Matritensis, fol. 44v, detail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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