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In 2014, the band Macklemore and Mary Lambert performed their song “Same Love” live at the Grammy Awards. During that performance, a bunch of people got married in a ceremony officiated during the song by Queen Latifah–some same-gender, some mixed-gender, all very sincere and happy to be getting married there (that had to be one fascinating Craigslist ad, don’t you think?). I’ve tried a few times to link to a video of the performance, but if this one fails again, I’m giving up and just suggesting you YouTube it up for yourself because it is simply amazing.

Add this video (re-updated linky because I yuv you) to the growing list of reasons I’m glad to be out of a religion that preaches fear, intolerance, exclusion, control, and hate and calls them all love. I’m so proud to be part of the human race right now. So happy this could happen. So hopeful for the happiness of the couples who went there to be married under the banner of inclusion, tolerance, and real love. So many good emotions are coursing through me right now that I feel like I’m glowing like the Christmas star. If you look outside right now and see a bright-shining supernova to the northwest, it’s probably me.

English: Macklemore performing at The Showbox ...
English: Macklemore performing at The Showbox in Seattle (Photo credit: Wikipedia). I <3 this guy so hard.

I hope–oh, I truly hope–that toxic-Christian talking heads and leaders freak out over this. Oh yes. I hope that rank-and-file toxic Christians lose their motherfucking SHIT over this. I hope they talk tons in their out-loud voices about how horrible this group marriage was and about how society and civilization are going to the dogs because “Same Love” got performed at the Grammys and is making lots of people realize that love is love is love no matter what the race or gender or identification of the people falling into it. I hope they see it and realize that this is a turning-point, one of so very many turning-points, but a distinct one nonetheless. I hope they understand what this song means for their sickening version of “love” and their disgusting form of religion. I hope they keep talking about it. I hope they keep harping on just how important it is to demonize and dehumanize others to keep their religion dominant and culturally supreme. I hope they do. I hope their people hear them and one day wonder. We’ve got a long way to go, and this is part of how we’re going to get there–and we’re going to get there over the many objections of the Christian Taliban, whether they like it or not.

Oh, I hope they understand one day just what this event, this video, this song means.

Because I do.

I do. I do. I do.

We’re going to talk more tomorrow about something ridiculously stupid a bunch of Christian Taliban leaders said, but I just saw this and had to say something. <3 you folks.

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