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Upon hearing of the death of longtime monarch Queen Elizabeth II, Meghan Markle, wife of Prince Harry, both of whom were recently estranged from the Royal Family, was reportedly “super bummed out.”

“I mean wow. She was around for so long. And now she’s not. It really makes you think about things,” Markle said.

After being asked what this meant for her and her husband’s relationship with the Crown, Meghan had this to say:

Huh. You know, I hadn’t even thought of that. I mean, she might not have been, I don’t know, the nicest? And now that she’s gone, maybe things will get, I don’t know, better? And that maybe she would’ve learned not to meddle as much after Diana? I’m sorry, so many things are racing through my mind. I’m in mourning.

Upon reflecting on Queen Elizabeth’s life, one that included a 70-year rule that outlasted Presidents and Popes alike, Markle added, “Yeah…she really was around for a while, wasn’t she? I mean…96! That’s just so long. Good for her.”

Near the end of the interview, as our reporter was on her way out, Meghan was seen putting on fancy attire, high heels, and a gold chain that read “Bye, Bitch!!!”

When asked what the outfit was for, Meghan said it was for “some mourning later in the night, possibly following some pre-mourning, finished up by a karaoke-themed mourning event with some friends.”

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