Accuracy, honesty, and transparency are central values of OnlySky. Perfection is not. No matter how careful we are, we know mistakes will happen. We strive to correct errors quickly and thoroughly while ensuring transparency.

How OnlySky Corrects Errors

  • Corrections are made by the original writer or an editor. When we discover an error, or an is brought to our attention, we will correct at the location of the error, then add an italicized notice at the end of the article. This will generally be limited to errors of fact, not misspellings or typos, with exceptions for the name of a person or brand misspelled throughout a story. A correction issued for a misspelling, would look like this at the end of an article:
    Jerome Jaxon’s name was misspelled in an earlier version of this post.
  • Our corrections notices include the accurate information and explain the error. 
  • We aim to be thorough and careful to avoid the need to further correct our corrections.
  • We aim to mention the correction in all channels the story went out on—for example, if a writer tweeted it, we expect them to tweet the correction as well.

Submitting Corrections to OnlySky

We welcome and greatly appreciate your help identifying any errors our team may have missed—most importantly factual errors, which we are committed to transparently correcting as quickly as possible. You can submit a correction at Please include “Correction” in the subject line of your email.