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Doe! — H. Simpson

Those of you who visit regularly — and hey, thanks for that, by the way — surely noticed a drop in activity at the Meming of Life in recent weeks. I found myself awash in 2 much 2 do: the webinars, the seminars, working on the follow-up book for Parenting Beyond Belief, finishing enormous freelance projects for the clients who feed my children, researching a proposal for a third book, and more. Oh, like parenting. Heh.

I’m emerging from it now, gradually. As a result, the Meming of Life is reawakening, blinking in the bright light of the Internet like a spring fawn. Stick that freakin light, says wee blinking fawn.

What to expect:

    I’ll be back to a regular posting schedule of twice a week, usually Monday and Thursday.

    The serialization of my occasionally humorous death-obsessed secular travel narrative Northing at Midlife is back on track. The current post is the end of chapter three and the Cotswold Way, after which we head into the north of England and the Coast-to-Coast Walk, where I nearly or actually die, I won’t tell you which.

    I’ll put some new links into Ten Wonderfull Things very shortly.

    The next installment of Bookin’ through the Bible will go up later this week. Leviticus, uh…woohoo!

    I’ll also continue the Laughing Matters series, trying ever so hard to remember my original point.

    I’ll share the single weirdest and most thought-provoking statistic I have ever heard.

    I’ll fill y’all in on how the seminar tour is going (pretty darn well, and getting better all the time) and share some of the content, as well as the joys and silliness of life on the road.

    I’ll bring you up-to-date on the next book, which has just been titled–and hey, titled well!

Several recent fun facts indicate that nonreligious parenting continues to grow and flourish around the country:

    1. Parenting Beyond Belief has climbed in Amazon sales again, recently rising to 2400–the top one-tenth of one percent, and even higher than it opened nearly one year ago. It is (at this writing) once again the #1 Parenting Reference on Amazon and #2 in Parenting Education;

    2. Several nonreligious parenting groups and humanist children’s programs have formed in recent months around the country, including Portland OR, Albuquerque NM, Raleigh NC, Palo Alto CA, and New York City;

    3. Each month since last September, this website has logged thousands more visitors than the previous month. Yesterday the PBB site had over 1400 visitors –the most ever in a single day;

    4. I’ve begun to get a steady trickle of unintentionally funny emails from fundamentalists.

So I’m back in the saddle as we head for the one year anniversary on April 9. Happy spring, you secular parents you.

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Dale McGowan is the author of Parenting Beyond Belief, Raising Freethinkers, and Atheism for Dummies. He holds a BA in evolutionary anthropology and a PhD in music.