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ferrell elfBusy time — Harvard event this Saturday, Austin next Saturday…I’ll definitely post a few times in between the two. For one thing I’ve got to tell y’all about the return of the elves to Atlanta, this time with a twist. They’re not stuffed elves that move around in the night like last year. They’re real elves who break in, eat food and leave misspelled notes. (The jury is out on which is creepier.)

I’ll also be posting the third and final winner of the First Annual PBB Column Competition and answering a request for gift-book recommendations for the kidlings.

In the meantime, thanks once again to all who have been clicking that Donate button in the margin to help out with the care and feeding of the site. We are nearly on pace to retire this year’s site operations debt by Solstice morning, which would be a tremendous stress-reliever. Here’s a stat for added incentive:

fof430909FOCUS ON THE FAMILY, largest Christian parenting organization in the US: 1,100

3D2109PARENTING BEYOND BELIEF, largest nonreligious parenting organization in the US: 1

See you next week.

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