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Really I’m not. First of all, it’d be pretty damn cheeky to complain of too much work when so many people, including several of my friends, have too little right now. Plus I can’t stand people who define themselves by how busy they are.

So I am ex-, not com-, plaining.

My freelance writing puts me at the computer way too much. My keyboard’s A and L keys are worn completely blank, and O and M appear to be next, even though I have never (until now) typed LMAO. I have, however, ghostwritten over 170 articles and 105 blog entries for clients since January. I’m U.S. Communications Coordinator for a fantastic civilian peacekeeping organization. And I’ve written or edited 9 newsletters, 26 columns (mostly about banking), and an annual report.

And you thought I sat around thinking seculo-parental thoughts all day. It is to laugh.

That is part of it, of course. I did 16 PBB events in 11 cities so far this year. Then there’s the new YouTube channel, the Foundation, and this blog. No surprise I’ve been bathing in the glow of this screen 12 hours a day and seven days a week since New Year’s.

The work itself is (mostly) very satisfying and interesting. But I have a real and growing fear that my kids will remember me, only and always, behind a laptop. That makes me ill. So I’ve made some promises I intend to keep. I now stop working at 5pm on the dot and no longer open the laptop on weekends at all. That way I can be a parent again instead of just playing one on the Internet.

Among other cutbacks, I’ll now be posting blogs only about once a week and YouTube videos about once a month. (I just filmed #5 and have to completely reshoot because I look and sound like Ben Stein.)

I’ll give y’all a real post (on the downside of older siblings) in a couple of days, then start the weekly schedule. Thanks!

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Dale McGowan is the author of Parenting Beyond Belief, Raising Freethinkers, and Atheism for Dummies. He holds a BA in evolutionary anthropology and a PhD in music.