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In April 2010 I told y’all about BANG! The Universe Verse, a unique comic book that illustrates scientific theories about the origin of the universe as Dr. Seuss might have done — in verse, delivered by a cartoon Einstein. Author/illustrator Jamie Dunbar went to great pains to get the science right, always a lovely thing, and better still gives the reader permission to not fully grasp it all. “This book is intended for all ages,” says the preface. “If you don’t understand everything, don’t worry, no one does!”

Now Jamie is out with Book 2 in the series, and boy does it deliver.

IT’S ALIVE! turns to the story of life on Earth, and does so in magnificent full-color big-format illustrations. “From the formation of our solar system to the birth of bacteria,” says Jamie’s website, “you’ll learn about the conditions that could have created life, the nature of organic existence, and the beauty of evolution.” His work is imaginative and fun, accessible without dumbing down, and unique in its presentation. Two opposable thumbs up!

Order the published hard copy from James and Kenneth Publishers for $14.95, or request a FREE pdf eBook from Mr. Dunbar himself. (While you’re at it, drop your local library a note asking them to purchase a copy or two. Most public libraries are eager to take patron suggestions for purchases, and this one will jump off the shelves.)

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