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pcmicro112099I get a steady trickle of requests for my thoughts on the best science-oriented toys and games for kids. With Krismas fast approaching, the trickle has now grown to a burbling splurt. So I’ve spent the last few weeks researching the current product market, reading reviews, and haunting the Discovery Store to create a new page for the PBB website: Recommended Gifts.

The result is a list of 25 extremely cool and unique science-oriented gifts for kids. I’ve leaned toward the fun and wonder-inducing, as well as those least likely to end up under the bed by 4 pm on the 25th. There’s a microscope that hooks up to your PC, Smithsonian’s Crime Lab Investigation kit, laser chess, Boomwhacker musical tubes, a fossilmaker, and (I’m sorry, I’ve never stopped being intrigued by this since I first saw it at age seven) Newton’s friggin’ Cradle.
Perhaps best of all (here in the midst of our national post-trickle-down unpleasantness), 15 of the 25 items are under 25 bucks. All have been vetted for quality and the ability to reveal the “intoxicating wonders of the real world”1 to our kids. More to come in the weeks ahead.

Last and certainly least, ordering through these links will help support this website and the Parenting Beyond Belief Seminars. So shop early and shop often!

ALSO: The Resources page has been completely revamped to focus primarily on books and other resources that are reviewed in the upcoming book Raising Freethinkers.

OH AND THEN THERE’S THIS: A reminder that registration is now underway for the next three Parenting Beyond Belief Seminars, in Boston (December 6), Austin (December 13), and Chicago (January 24).
1Parenting Beyond Belief, p. 222

Dale McGowan is chief content officer of OnlySky, author of Parenting Beyond Belief, Raising Freethinkers, and Atheism for Dummies, and founder of Foundation Beyond Belief (now GO Humanity). He holds a...

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