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Atlanta GA

Dear employees and visitors,

According to randomly-Googled information, there are 2.8 jillion active blogs today, give or take a plethora. The lifespan of the average blog is three months. So we here at The Meming of Life are feeling pretty darn significant as we approach six months and fifty postings, mostly about being secular, parenting, secular parenting, and the book Parenting Beyond Belief.

The Management would like to take a moment to announce some workplace changes, effective immediately:

1. The following registered users are fired: ViagraBarn223, MeetSexyLocals, and MissTeenSC.

2. All vacation days are hereby cancelled for the blog staff in order to accommodate our new publication policy of shorter, more frequent, and more slipshod posts.

3. Please show a little consideration for your fellow website visitors. If any of the half-eaten sandwiches in the back of the fridge belong to you, remove them before the end of the day on Friday.

4. You may have noticed a new menu bar feature called “about the author and the blog,” added at the insistence of a regular reader. (Happy Mom?)

5. You may also have noticed a button to add this blog to your Technorati favorites. Would it kill you?

6. Beginning next week, lurkers who never comment will be charged for parking.

7. Attempts are underway to make MoL a better citizen of the blogosphere by maintaining a blogroll and quoting from, pointing to, and communicating with other blogs. No blog is an iLand.

8. Posts currently in production include

> i heart sam and richard — a skimmer’s lament
> bigger than myself
> guest post by pbb contributor pete wernick
> it’s so humiliating — in a good way
> spare the rod — and spare me the rest
> a peek at pbb2
> the quéstion of québec
> our man in washington — a report from aaicon 2007
> whatever happened to capital letters?
> seeing is conceiving — the power of the visual
> emancipating kids from talent bondage

Several of these are in direct fulfillment of reader requests. Others are in direct defiance of reader requests. Don’t hesitate to drop us a message so we can fulfill or defy you: dale [AT ] parentingbeyondbelief DOT com

The Management

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Dale McGowan is the author of Parenting Beyond Belief, Raising Freethinkers, and Atheism for Dummies. He holds a BA in evolutionary anthropology and a PhD in music.