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linkyDelaney’s (outstanding) third grade teacher put together a nice slideshow for the parents to watch during the “Thanksgiving Feast” day at school this year. In the show, each student offered a list of things s/he is thankful for.

I don’t mean in the least to diminish the lovely expressions of gratitude by her classmates when I say that I would have recognized my daughter’s own list of gratefuls even if I were blindfolded and they were read by James Earl Jones. Not better or worse, but distinctively Delaney. Can you find her in this sampling?

Student A: I’m grateful for my parents, my school, God, my country, and my teacher Miss Jones.

Student B: I’m grateful for my family, food, my house, my pets, and my teacher Miss Jones.

Student C: I’m grateful for God, Jesus, my family, a roof over my head, and my teacher Miss Jones.

Student D: I’m grateful for my family and friends, for a roof over my head and a meal every night, for a good education, and for freedom of speech.

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