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My harried spin through early spring continues, and now I see the blog’s been idling curbside for a full week. Can’t be good for global warming.

Just returned from a terrific trip to DC, where I (along with Nothing author Nica Lalli) spoke to a large and attentive crowd at the Center for Inquiry there. They’re hoping to get a secular parenting program jumpstarted there, and I’m always happy to help such a thing.

February 17 is the first topical webinar — Secular Family, Religious World — and I’m busily finishing the PowerPoint and notes for that one while prepping for the Seminar Tour, which launches in Minneapolis on March 1 before continuing to Raleigh on the 15th and Albuquerque on the 22nd. And the first draft of the second book is due on February 29th.

Not whining. Just freaking out. Not the same.

At any rate, the last thing I can fit in is an intelligent discursion on Leviticus and Deuteronomy for the Meming of Life, so I’m forced to shuffle the order a bit. Later today I’ll post a guest column by the fabulous Timothy Mills on Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs. It’s extremely well done, so do check that out.

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