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[The fifth installment in a series on confirmation bias. Back to druthers 4]

Leave it to The Daily Show to give the most devastating exposition on confirmation bias I’ve ever seen. And once again, as Twain said, only laughter can achieve this kind of surgical strike:

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(Rove I can understand. But how in the world something so perilously identical to spin found its way into O’Reilly’s No Spin Zone…I need a moment to collect my thoughts. Please, just…just scroll away.)

I have to add this bitterly-true quote from Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen:

Probably the most depressing thing about Palin is not her selection but the defense of it. It has produced a parade of GOP spokesmen intent on spiking the needle on a polygraph. Looking right into the camera, they offer statement after statement that they hope the voters will swallow but that history will forget. The sum effect on the diligent news consumer is a feeling of consummate contempt for the intelligence of the American people — a contempt that will be justified should Palin be the factor that makes McCain a winner in November.

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