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The manuscript is due in quarters, a really good idea. Keeps the feet in the fire.

I’m working on two tracks at once. History and Great Works sections are very straightforward. I just finished writing a historical anthology, so that material is at the tips of my neurons already.

But the rest — ethics, death, community, responsibility, meaning and purpose, spirituality, labels, rules of discourse, church-state issues, religious extended family, rites of passage, religious literacy, choosing battles, wonder, indoctrination, stuff like that — requires more chewing. I’ve already written or spoken about all of these, but there’s still a massive bunch of research to be done for each one before I can write an effective, accessible nutshell. It’s a much more complex process.

So while I power through History and Works, I’m also doing the deeper work on the rest. Along the way I’ll throw the occasional question in the air for your input and will appreciate any


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Dale McGowan is the author of Parenting Beyond Belief, Raising Freethinkers, and Atheism for Dummies. He holds a BA in evolutionary anthropology and a PhD in music.