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I started this blog last March by saying what most bloggers say in their opening post: that blogging — a mostly one-way conversation in which you know there are ears pressed against the wall in the next room, but you don’t know how many, or who is attached to them, or why they are listening — is simply strange.

Though it’s no less strange after ten months, I’m more accustomed to the strangeness now. The blog has been helpful in sorting and semi-polishing rough ideas. A few published columns have already sprung from its loins. One blog entry will be the basis of the Preface for the second PBB, now in the works, and several others will be scattered through the text of that book. I’ve also develop a seminar series that will launch in February — more on that later — and again, the blog has given me a way to wrestle with its content semi-publicly.

The site’s averaging 18,000 visitors a month, but aside from my loyal and much-appreciated regular commenters, I’ve not had the foggiest hint who you fine people are. The curiosity was killing me.

Enter gVisit, a web service that gives me a list of the cities from which y’all are visiting, and includes my favorite software feature — freeness. In just the last 24 hours, The Meming of Life has had visitors from 33 U.S. states, five Canadian provinces, and eight countries.

Upcoming posts include:

    A father-son double review of THE GOLDEN COMPASS
    Progressive holiday gift ideas
    A father-daughter appreciation of Dr. Seuss
    Bloggin’ through the Bible: Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John
    The cure for arrogance in secular preteens
    Why I’m obstinate about abstinence
    National Geographic’s cool GENOGRAPHIC Project
    Five things Christians do (much) better than we do
    A shout-out to the UUs
    “I want to be one of the smarties”
    Music I want in my funeral…or I’ll HAUNT you, honey
    The PBB seminars
    I plejaleejins

So I’ll keep talking, and I’d be delighted if more of you would talk back. No need to be profound — I clearly don’t bother to be — just knock three times on the wall so I know you’re out there.

Dale McGowan is chief content officer of OnlySky, author of Parenting Beyond Belief, Raising Freethinkers, and Atheism for Dummies, and founder of Foundation Beyond Belief (now GO Humanity). He holds a...

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