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A woman whose six-year-old son was allegedly beaten and killed by her boyfriend decided to read the Bible and do her makeup before taking the young child to the hospital.

Geraldine Perkins testified against her boyfriend, Rysheim Smith, who allegedly beat Zymere Perkins with a broomstick and hung him by his shirt over a bathroom door after years of abuse. Ironically, Geraldine said Smith had been “wonderful” to her son, specifically stating that he had “read the Bible to him.”

Perkins and Smith met outside her old apartment building and within six months were dating. She said Smith took an interest in her son.

“He was wonderful. It was like he was a father figure for my child. He played with him. He cut his hair most of the time. He bought toys for him. He read the bible to him,” she said.

It’s no surprise, then, that Geraldine thought it would be smart to read the Bible after she reportedly saw her boyfriend punch Symere in the ribs and stomach several times. In addition to turning to the Good Book, Geraldine bathed her son’s dead body and did her makeup before getting any help, according to a report from the NY Daily News.

The mother of slain 6-year-old Zymere Perkins on Wednesday coldly recounted the fatal beating her lover delivered with a broken broomstick, and how she cleaned her child’s limp and unresponsive body, read the bible and did her makeup before carrying the battered little boy to the hospital.

According to Perkins, while Zymere lay dying, Smith went out to get them breakfast, and Perkins cleaned the living room, the bedroom and read the bible. She said she eventually tried mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compressions after a bath didn’t awaken the battered child.

It’s unimaginable, to most people, that a mother would hesitate for even a moment before getting help for her son. But this isn’t an unusual move for religious fundamentalists who believe turning to the Bible is far more essential in emergencies than receiving actual help. Just ask any of those parents involved in the “faith-healing” deaths of their children. Or just look to the man who was charged with murder after letting his 10-month-old baby die of malnutrition and admitted to calling his lawyer before calling 9-1-1 when he found his deceased daughter.

In the case of Perkins and Smith, they had both been abusing the child for several years. When Perkins’ son needed his mom the most, she chose the Bible over his life.

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