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You’ve heard of Dr. Darrel Ray, right?  Author, speaker, psychologist, and founder of “Recovering from Religion” (R|R), an organization that helps people transition from a religious lifestyle into a secular one. 

Well, Darrel has begun another project with R|R and it’s something that many of us will find an invaluable resource.

This new endeavor, called the Therapist Project, will be a registry of secular mental health professionals; it aims to provide people with resources that use proven, state of the art, therapeutic methods — not supernatural bunk.

“Dear Dr. Ray, I am an humanist and atheist in a very religious community. … I have tried two therapists in my community and both eventually told me to go back to church or learn how to become more spiritual. … Can you help me find a secular counselor in this Bible belt community?” – Anonymous email to Dr. Ray

From my own experience, I can attest that it can be an exhausting challenge to find a secular therapist.  Word of mouth eventually led me to a professional who wasn’t religious and who could help with obsessive compulsive issues, but this wouldn’t have happened without relentless seeking.  The Therapist Project seeks to remedy that struggle.

If you’re an evidence-based, secular therapist and you would like to be able to reach out to non-theists in need, please register as a Recovering From Religion therapist today!  Registering is simple; they don’t want to know the color of your underwear — just your contact details, qualifications, specialty areas, and licensing information — pretty standard stuff. Once you register, spread the word to your peers.