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‘Planet killer’ asteroids found in inner solar system

Reading Time: 2 minutes Scientists studying inner solar system objects have discovered three nearby asteroids previously shrouded in the Sun’s glare. Two of these are larger than one kilometer, earning the label “planet killer”—and one is the largest potentially hazardous asteroid (PHA) discovered in at least the past eight years. Astronomers studying inner solar system asteroids have the odds […]

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Webb’s infrared capabilities reveal hidden cosmic details

Reading Time: 2 minutes The James Webb Space Telescope has continued to capture dazzling interstellar scenery since the first batch of images was released in July. Recent discoveries highlight how useful Webb’s high-resolution, infrared capabilities really are. As Webb’s infrared cameras plunge past visibly opaque gas and dust, previously obscured treasures are revealed. This is particularly useful in the […]

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Fish fossils aid the search for human origins

Reading Time: 2 minutes Perhaps the greatest question driving science—and human thought in general—is the mystery of origins. This question has manifested itself in myriad shapes and sizes: our fascination with the Big Bang, the birth of our Earth, the evolution of our own species, and even our own individual genealogies. Especially as many have turned away from religion—the […]

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NASA’s DART shows the explosive power of astronomical collaboration

Reading Time: 2 minutes On September 26th, the clickbait-able happened: NASA smashed a spacecraft going 14,000 mph into an asteroid larger than the Washington Monument. This was intentional, the years-long result of careful planning, engineering, and worldwide collaboration that constituted the Double Asteroid Redirection Test. What was surprising to scientists was just how spectacular DART’s impact with its target […]

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Life on Mars? Perseverance rover finds organic matter

Reading Time: 2 minutes Humans have been captivated by fictional images of Martian life since the 19th century. In 1877, Giovanni Schiaparelli, an Italian astronomer, observed canali–channels, then mistranslated as canals–on the planet, unintentionally sparking a movement of Martian conspiracists enchanted by the possibility of extraterrestrial life.  Since then, we’ve been inching closer and closer to finding the real […]

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