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1) I guess they didn’t let Kim Davis wear a crown of thorns in the mugshot.

2) Today is the first day Davis has an acceptable reason for not issuing marriage licenses.

3) No one cares what Davis believes about same-sex marriage. It’s completely irrelevant. This is about a government official getting in the way of a couple’s legal right to marry. Anyone who says her opponents are anti-Christian or anti-traditional marriage is missing the point. We may disagree with her views, but that’s not why she’s in jail.

4) Mike Huckabee praised Davis for “refusing to bow ‘to the false God of judicial supremacy'”… which is a terrifying thing for a potential U.S. President to say. What good is a system of checks and balances if one side is declared by a Presidential candidate to have no authority?

5) Huckabee added on Twitter: “We must end the criminalization of Christianity!”

Somehow, Huckabee has still not been handcuffed for saying this. Nor has Joshua Feuerstein. And churches will still have services this Sunday.

6) Why do evangelical Christians take Mike Huckabee so seriously when he is clearly lying to them? Do they just believe anything a self-proclaimed Christian says?

Don’t answer that.

7) There are some Christians comparing Kim Davis to Rosa Parks. But to paraphrase one user on Twitter, Parks was arrested for demanding equal rights. Davis was arrested for denying equal rights.

8) Bobby Jindal said, “I think you should be able to keep your job and follow your conscience.” Which makes no sense at all. A vegan shouldn’t be able to keep her job at McDonald’s if she refuses to touch animal products. But even in that situation, she could become a cashier. When a government official is in charge of issuing marriage licenses, and refuses to do so for taxpayers who want them and have every legal right to them, that person needs to resign or be impeached. There’s no other option.

9) David Bunning, the judge who put Davis in jail, is a devout Roman Catholic who was nominated for the bench by President George W. Bush and actually disagreed with the Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage. He, unlike the lawyers at Liberty Counsel, understands that the law supersedes the religious whims of government officials.

10) How many conservative Christians do you think were about to blame Davis going to jail on “judicial activism” before they realized Bunning is essentially one of them?

11) After Davis was arrested, the judge asked the six deputy clerks if they would issue marriage licenses in her place. Five of them said yes. The sixth, Davis’ son, said no, but he wasn’t arrested since there were other people willing to do his job.

Had Davis not blocked them from issuing licenses, would this have even been a story?

12) Rand Paul opted to go the Libertarian route, saying the government should get out of the marriage license business altogether.

“Alabama has already voted to do this, they’re just no longer going to give out licenses. And anybody can make a contract. And then if you want a marriage contract you go to a church.”

And if you’re an atheist or you can’t afford a lawyer to help you draft a contract, then…? Oh. Right. It’s Rand Paul. You’re not supposed to think too hard about anything he says.

13) Dr. Ben Carson, who rarely makes much sense, seems to be one of the more sensible voices on the GOP side, with a confidante telling Talking Points Memo that “Dr. Carson has said since the Supreme Court ruling that it is the law of land and that’s what he respects.”

14) Eventually, I suspect Davis will resign. What do you think her next job will be?

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