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More than half of white evangelicals (51.7%) say they rely on Donald Trump for news about the coronavirus… in case you need more reason to never trust their judgment about anything.

Writing for Christianity Today, Ryan P. Burge highlights how white evangelicals are far less likely to trust public health officials — doctors and scientists and epidemiologists — than the public at large when it comes to virus news.

Instead, they want Trump’s lies injected directly into their veins like it’s bleach.

The Trump administration was named by white evangelicals as the source they would most likely rely on as a major source of news. That was followed by national news networks and local news outlets. Public health officials were the fourth most consulted source.

Even beyond that, 65% of white evangelicals said Trump’s response to the virus has been “about right” compared to 30.1% of the general public. Roughly 37% of white evangelicals said public health officials were exaggerating the severity of the virus, nearly doubling what everyone else thinks.

This could have serious ramifications, says Burge:

If people are receiving conflicting messages and cannot agree on the severity of the coronavirus, slowing its spread and finding a cure could prove to be much more difficult.

The irony, of course, is that “pro-life” evangelicals are putting their trust in a guy whose incompetence at handling a pandemic has led to tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths (so far). They don’t care. They think the guy who’s told 18,000 documented lies (so far) is somehow being totally honest about the biggest crisis in the country.

But what else do you expect from people who actively reject science, since it contradicts their holy book, and who have forged an ally with a party devoted to destroying the government from within?

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