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Back in August, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said he had been vaccinated against COVID, allowing him to continue prepping for the regular season.

It was a definitive yes. He continued practicing and, like always, he’s been tough to beat on the field, leading his team to a division-crushing 7-1 record.

But yesterday, we learned that Rodgers had tested positive for COVID.

That shouldn’t have been much of a concern. NFL rules require vaccinated players who get COVID to just test negative twice, more than 24 hours apart, before returning to their team. Rodgers could theoretically have been back in uniform before the team’s next game.

Instead, it turned out Rodgers was not vaccinated. So he’ll have to sit out for a minimum of 10 days and miss at least a game if not more.

What the hell is going on? What’s the discrepancy? Did Rodgers lie months ago about getting the shot?

That appears to be the case. Reports say Rodgers wasn’t vaccinated at all; he took some bullshit alternative and acted like it was the real thing.

Rodgers petitioned the NFL to have an alternate, homeopathic treatment — one that he received from his personal doctor — that would be considered equal as someone who received an approved vaccine in the eyes of the league, according to NFL Network. The league ultimately decided that he would not get the same designation as vaccinated players and he was considered unvaccinated.

The QB has followed masking and other protocols while at the Packers’ facility, according to ESPN. However, he has not worn a mask in the team’s media auditorium, nor on the sidelines during games. Other unvaccinated Packers players have done interviews and press conferences via Zoom.

The NFL released a statement saying it’s aware of the Rodgers situation and “will be reviewing the matter with the Packers.”

In short, then, Rodgers put his teammates at risk by not getting vaccinated, not following protocols, and lying to the public about his personal health. The consummate leader screwed over his entire squad. The guest host of Jeopardy! believed some pseudoscientific treatment was an acceptable substitute for highly effective vaccines. (What is going on with that show’s recent hosts and vaccines…?)

It’s just unbelievably stupid behavior from a guy who’s otherwise known for being smart. Rodgers could’ve set a good example for the public and his peers. Instead, he lied and put people’s lives in danger.

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