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Elizabeth Johnston (a.k.a. the “Activist Mommy”) is the homeschooling Christian mother of 10 who ranted against an online-only article about anal sex in Teen Vogue by burning physical copies of the magazine and has recently been picking fights against Drag Queen Story Time events at public libraries (because there’s nothing she hates more than LGBTQ people and books).

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have time to insult a man who just died.

As I’ve mentioned already on this site, Jarrid Wilson, a 30-year-old pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship (a megachurch in California), died of suicide earlier this week after a long struggle with depression.

Johnston wants everyone to know he’s totally burning in Hell. Because suicide is a form of murder, and murder is evil, and evil means eternal damnation, so LOGIC.

Doesn’t scripture say that “no murderer will enter the kingdom of God”? Isn’t suicide murder of one’s self? Doesn’t the Bible say that “murderers will have their part in the lake of fire”? Isn’t the last act of a person committing suicide, self-murder?

Not that she cares, but suicide and homicide aren’t synonyms. (It’s why there’s still a debate over whether doctors who perform assisted suicide should be considered murderers — and why more progressive nations have said no.)

Don’t worry, though. Johnston wants everyone to know she has a heart and that it’s possible Wilson escaped hellfire by repenting sometime between his decision to die and his life actually ending.

Is it possible that Jarrid Wilson found a place of repentance moments before he breathed his last breath? Absolutely! Is it possible that Jarrid, after having gone too far in the suicide process and unable to rescue himself, cried out to God in repentance for his sin? Yes, it is possible and I pray that happened.

That’s the same argument Christians like her make when they admit Anne Frank is burning in Hell now, too. (Maybe she found Jesus at Auschwitz!) It’s shocking to hear in that example, and it’s shocking to hear her pulling it out now to criticize a depressed man’s actions.

Johnston doesn’t know a damn thing about mental illness, but she thinks she’s perfectly qualified to speak about how the 30-year-old megachurch pastor disappointed Jesus. So what if Wilson’s family would be disgusted or insulted or further traumatized? She’s a True Christian™ so any criticism of her is an attack against her faith. How dare you. How dare all of you.

I assume this is just a temporary detour, though, and she’ll be back to hating on LGBTQ people by tonight.

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