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Earlier today, hate-preacher Greg Locke was permanently suspended from Twitter. (So I guess prayers do come true.) It’s not clear which tweet(s) led to the nuclear option, but there’s no shortage to choose from. Locke has spent much of the past year denying the pandemic, telling people not to get vaccinated, and banning masks inside the circus tent he calls a church.

He reacted in a surprisingly calm way, admitting that Twitter has every right to set its own rules and suspend violators, then letting people know he’d be using a different social media service.

… I’m just kidding. He threw a hissy fit and claimed he’d file a lawsuit against Twitter:

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I’m the first pastor with any sort of a platform that’s been banned. So guess what? We’re fighting back right now. Within one hour of it happening, we’ve already had our wonderful lawyer for our ministry file and we have just entered into the class action lawsuit against Twitter and all of these censorship Nazis. We just entered in with Candace Owens and Donald Trump and others.

Can you believe it? They banned a pastor! They banned a pastor! With a verified public blue checkmark platform on Twitter because I’m a “danger”…

… So, yeah, we’re gonna sue ’em! We’re fighting back! We’re jumping into the lawsuit. Because this is America, ladies and gentlemen! When are you gonna wake up? When are you gonna get your head out of the sand and recognize that they’re trying to take away every right that we have?

… It’s unbelievable what they are doing! The conservative Christian censorship is ridiculous! If you don’t think persecution is here, you are not paying attention

Locke isn’t the first pastor with a platform and blue checkmark to be banned; he’s just making that up, and it wouldn’t even matter if it were true.

If he joined a lawsuit against Twitter, okay, but it wouldn’t have anything to do with this ban. Keep in mind that Locke threatened to file defamation lawsuits against CNN, Newsweek, and a Christian website… and then never followed through because he’s all talk and no substance.

In any case, this isn’t persecution. This isn’t a violation of his First Amendment rights. This is nothing more than a political operative spreading conspiracy theories on social media finally getting punished for violating Twitter’s rules. It may be the first major hit he’s taken to his popularity because he relies on secular platforms to spread his hate speech.

He has also violated Facebook and YouTube’s policies. But those sites, as they so often do, have allowed him to continue spreading misinformation on their platforms.

Ah well. Let him die mad. He brought this upon himself. He has only he own words to blame. I’m sure he’ll whine about this for weeks to come, milking the persecution angle for all it’s worth, but make no mistake: This is a big deal. Locke cares far more about Twitter than the Bible. Given the choice between his church and Twitter, I have no doubt he’d choose Twitter every time; it’s a larger audience and an easier way to get under the skin of liberals.

For now, though, he’ll just try to capitalize on his notoriety, ask people for donations, pretend this is an attack on all Christians instead of a punishment for bad behavior, and play up his martyr complex. All while the rest of us are laughing our asses off.

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