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Because Kentucky now has a law requiring public schools to post “In God We Trust” signs in every building, it’s created a chance for various school districts to respond to the irrational law in creative ways.

The Fayette County Public Schools in Lexington posted the phrase… by putting up a framed picture of the back of a one dollar bill.

Hey, it fulfilled the legal requirements. It infuriated conservatives, including Rep. Brandon Reed, the Christian evangelist who wrote the bill, but he could hardly complain. The district did what he asked. He’s just upset they did the very least instead of wearing extra flair.

It turns out that district isn’t alone.

According to the Courier Journal, Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, part of the LaRue County Public Schools, decided to double down on the whole Lincoln thing by putting up a framed picture of a giant penny… which, of course, includes the phrase in tiny writing. (The article is behind a paywall. Go subscribe and support local newspapers.)

Clever. Very clever. All the more clever because LaRue County is represented by Brandon Reed.

When asked the difference between the two approaches, he said there is “no comparison” since LaRue included the motto in a larger font.

It’s larger than the phrase in the framed dollar bill, but when students see that coin, they’re looking at the image of Lincoln, not the fine print.

There’s still no reason other schools can’t join in on the fun, but it appears that most are sticking to the plan envisioned by the conservative Christians behind Project Blitz: They’re just putting up the phrase in large letters. The most creativity they’ll allow is letting students create the posters.

Either way, the message is clear: This is a school where Christianity is valued and the rest of you are unwelcome. That’s what complicit schools want their students to learn. That’s what Republicans like Reed believe makes for a “positive message.” But if any other religion attempted the same thing, you know he’d be the first to complain.

(Featured image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Brian for the link)

Hemant Mehta is the founder of, a YouTube creator, podcast co-host, and author of multiple books about atheism. He can be reached at @HemantMehta.

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