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Hurricane Matthew has already struck Haiti, killing nearly 300 people in its wake so far, and it’s about to hit Florida as I write this. The devastation from the Category 4 hurricane will almost certainly be extensive.

Foundation Beyond Belief is now calling on atheists to chip in to help the victims of this natural disaster:


We don’t yet know the full impacts in the Bahamas or on the east coast of the United States, where hundreds of thousands of people are being evacuated. However, this storm has already had a significant enough impact in Haiti that we at Foundation Beyond Belief feel certain that relief will be needed for the people there, if not in other areas as well.

Therefore, Foundation Beyond Belief is launching a Humanist Disaster Recovery Drive to aid the people affected by Hurricane Matthew, and will be directing the funds where they are needed most after the storm dissipates. We will be vetting, selecting, and announcing a Drive beneficiary within the next 72-96 hours, unless the storm continues to affect populated areas. In that case, we will wait until the full impacts of the storm are assessed. Thanks to the American Humanist Association for being our partner in the drive effort.

The eventual beneficiary will be provided secular relief — no money will be wasted trying to sell Jesus to people who need food, water, and shelter instead. (As usual, FBB is raising money first and selecting the recipient second. This gives them a couple of days to make sure the group(s) they select will make the best use of the donations.)

100% of donations made through the fundraising drive will go to hurricane victims. But you can help the Foundation sustain itself by making a contribution here.

I’ve worked with this organization for several years. I can tell you the donations are handled properly; they go to the right places and the beneficiaries are thoroughly vetted. Please considering making a donation. God isn’t going to fix this situation, but your contributions really do make a difference.

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