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Arkansas is currently at the center of a growing controversy involving which religious monuments will be allowed on the grounds of the State Capitol. While a Ten Commandments display appears all but approved, the same can’t be said of The Satanic Temple’s application to install a statue of Baphomet.


A meeting of the Capitol Arts and Grounds Commission is scheduled for next week to discuss the applications. And now they’re going to have to discuss another one as well…

The Saline Atheist & Skeptic Society submitted paperwork yesterday to erect a literal “Wall of Separation” that would feature quotations from our Founding Fathers about the importance of keeping religion and government apart.

Wall Of Separation

The proposed monument by SASS will be a site-built decorative brick wall with multiple plaques affixed to it. The plaques will contain quotes from America’s Founding Fathers and other knowledgeable persons regarding the separation of church and state. The monument will be known as the “Wall of Separation.”

Funds for the materials and the erection of this wall will be from private sources. Individuals supporting the monument financially will have the option of having their names engraved on bricks in the face of the wall.

I would totally donate to that cause. Someone let me buy a brick. I just want one brick!

It would be incredible if all three went up. Can you imagine seeing the Ten Commandments monument dwarfed by Baphomet on one side and a giant wall on the other? The Jesus Sandwich needs to happen… because if Arkansas officials say yes to the Christian display while rejecting the atheists’ and Satanists’ proposals, a lawsuit will almost certainly be filed.

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