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Christian hate-preacher Adam Fannin of Law of Liberty Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida is perhaps most famous for saying comedian Sarah Silverman deserved to die because of a joke — a JOKE — she made in her 2005 stand-up comedy special “Jesus is Magic” about how she hoped Jews did kill Jesus, and how she would “do it again” given the chance.

The New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist pastor is not a good person.

So naturally, on Mother’s Day, he spent an hour denouncing feminism. Here’s a lowlight reel. None of it is accurate, but no doubt he was able to stir up plenty of outrage in the congregation, and that’s all that matters for these people.

YouTube video

… the truth is: Feminists actually hate mothers. They hate families. Feminists hate babies and those that would choose to just give up their own life to have a baby. Right? It’s a very perverted sense of life and they really, ultimately, it comes down to that they hate God. It’s in their heart. They cast off God. They have a rebellious heart. They don’t want anybody to tell them anything. They don’t want to be… weighed down in life with a child, and that’s a wicked heart. Feminism is a plague and it affects not just the little girls in America but also the boys…

There’s an agenda in feminism and that is to criminalize manhood. They want to make it where men are snowflakes, they won’t speak up, they won’t… they’re soft, they’re effeminate — which, by the way, being effeminate is a sin in the Bible. Men, it’s your job to toughen up and carry the load and protect — instead of you hiding behind your wife, you need to protect your wife. You need to protect your family…

… And you need to be married to somebody that’s saved. That’s a biblical concept! And there are children that are growing up that are gonna be tempted with somebody that’s not saved! Satan wants to lure them and say, “Listen, they’ve got the car! They’ve got the job. Ooh, they got the muscles.” Whatever it is, they’re gonna try to draw them away. The Devil is gonna try to get them out of
church and the Christian lifestyle, and you know what happens when that happens? Destruction.

Feminism corrupts on the inside! It makes you an evil person! You rebel against God and His law…

That’s the bile this guy was spreading in the name of Christianity on a day when we’re supposed to honor the mothers in our lives.

Not surprisingly, it’s not his first time saying awful things about women and gender roles. He’s also said female preachers are “daughters of the Devil” and that stay-at-home dads are “destroying the minds of children.”

I’m not saying he’s representative of any large denomination of Christianity — his hate speech goes far beyond what you’ll hear in most churches — but shades of this anti-feminist thinking exist among Southern Baptists and other white evangelicals. They won’t say it with this much cruelty, but the sentiment will be familiar to anyone who’s been in those churches.

Hemant Mehta is the founder of, a YouTube creator, podcast co-host, and author of multiple books about atheism. He can be reached at @HemantMehta.

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