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The American Humanist Association has launched a Christmas advertising campaign “aimed to raise awareness of discrimination against nonbelievers in America.”
Billboards with the following image have gone up in New Jersey and Michigan:

This week, a similar ad is also appearing in newspapers in several states where atheists have been the targets of discrimination.

“Nonbelievers in America continue to be the object of discrimination,” said Roy Speckhardt, executive director of the American Humanist Association. “We hope this campaign will spur a conversation about this problem that moves us in a positive direction.”
Speckhardt continued, “Many humanists and atheists in America experience hatred in their own communities when simply standing up for the separation of church and state, or fighting for other rights that should be afforded without question.”

Meanwhile, there’s also a campaign for those people who don’t believe in god and feel alone because of it. The AHA wants them to know there are more of us out there and they’ve put this ad on Washington D.C. buses:

It’s a very different approach from the American Atheists holiday ads which put Santa alongside Jesus, Thor, and Neptune in a lineup of myths.
Will the AHA’s campaign be effective? I don’t think it’ll get as much coverage as AA’s… but it’ll be very meaningful to those atheists who ride the bus and rarely discuss their beliefs. When you’re in a minority, it’s a good feeling to know there are others close by in the same situation, thinking very similar thoughts. This is no exception.
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