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M.G. has a question for Billy Graham(‘s minions):

Have you ever met anyone who absolutely did not believe in God? I’ve met some people who claimed to be atheists, but after talking with them I decided they only said they were atheists because they thought it made them sound smart.

When ignorance like that goes in, you know it won’t smell on roses on the way out. Here’s how Graham(‘s puppets) responded:

Yes, over the years I’ve met some people who not only claimed to be atheists, but also sincerely believed that God did not exist.
But notice that I said they “believed” God didn’t exist — because if they were honest, they had to admit to me that they couldn’t prove it

Says the man who can’t prove the non-existence of Zeus…
But let’s see what other lame anti-atheist clichés he can throw into this piece:

… more often, I’ve found, [atheists] didn’t believe in God simply because they didn’t want to — because they wanted to be free to run their own lives.

Yes, we just wanted to sin, and that’s why we rejected God! The lack of evidence of God’s existence and the overwhelming number of reasons to accept natural explanations for how the world works had nothing to do with it, I’m sure.
GrahamCoTM wasn’t done yet:

the Bible also says atheists are foolish because God has done everything possible to reveal himself to us. He did this most of all by becoming a man: Jesus Christ. Do you want to know not only that God exists, but also shat he loves you? Look at Christ.

See? God reveals himself to us! Invisibly and quietly and not-at-all and through works of fiction.
Also, I desperately want to believe that line’s not a typo: God shat “he loves you”?!
Thanks, God! That takes skill.

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