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The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer isn’t a fan of Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Not just because he’s a progressive Democrat but because he’s openly gay. And that, for some reason, is the only thing Fischer can think about. (As we’ve said before, no one thinks about two men having sex more than conservative Christians.)

Yesterday, on his “Focal Point” radio show, he argued that Buttigieg shouldn’t even be considered for the presidency because the mere possibility he could be in the White House is a travesty to his conservative Christian bigotry.

“It’s got to be unthinkable for us even to consider putting a homosexual in the White House as our next president,” he said. “If you’re an American and you love America, you cannot afford to put an unapologetic and unrepentant homosexual in the White House.”

Finally, Fischer asserted that “homosexuality is a greater and more manifest threat to human health even than injection drug abuse” and claimed that having a gay president would be even more dangerous than having a president who is “repeatedly, unapologetically, and proudly injecting himself with heroin, cocaine, or meth.”

But wait, you’re thinking. What about Donald Trump? If sexual sin is the problem, shouldn’t Fischer have a serious issue with a president who grabs women by the pussy, has an affair with a porn star, pays hush money to cover up his sexual escapades, and has multiple kids with multiple wives?

Fischer has heard it all, people, and he insists your criticisms are just proving his point.

Fischer asserted that since the president should be a role model for the nation, then those who participate in “sordid sexual conduct” have no business holding that office. He then absurdly attempted to argue that liberals who criticize President Trump for his various adulteries “have made our argument for us” by agreeing that “what a would-be president does in his private life does matter and is a valid concern for voters.”

The issue, of course, isn’t what Trump does in his private life. Progressives wouldn’t be making such a big deal about his marriages or affairs if conservative Christians weren’t so willing to ignore it all after decades of pretending like they care. It’s the religious hypocrisy we have a problem with, not Trump’s personal choices.

Not that Fischer cares.

Fischer then tried to insist that Trump’s adultery was less problematic than Buttigieg’s sexual orientation, “because homosexuality puts human body parts to uses that were never intended by nature or by nature’s God.”

Fischer has no idea what some straight couples do in the bedroom, does he…?

He’s just admitting the bigotry of the Christian Right. They literally think being gay is a disqualifying credential for elected office no matter what your policies are — and they will ignore every single scandal you create if you happen to be a Republican who does the Right’s bidding when it comes to nominating unqualified conservative judges.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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