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A.F. Branco is a conservative political cartoonist whose work typically defends whatever Donald Trump is doing and saying. Last week, he posted a cartoon depicting a liberal news anchor (a Democrat, naturally) praying for the destruction of America “so that it makes Trump look bad.”

The cartoon is easy to criticize because the problem with it is so obvious. No one’s rooting for the destruction of America. It not just an absurd claim on the surface; it makes no sense. Are Trump voters going to change their minds about him if things get that bad? I doubt it.

The Wilson Times in North Carolina is one of the media outlets that published the cartoon, and one reader was furious enough about it that he wrote a letter to the editor to complain.

So get ready for a liberal smackdown.

To allow even a hint that God does not exist is an ungodly publication. In my opinion; it is disgraceful. I respect the right of every person to express opinions. However, this is ridiculous.

I am a registered Republican voter. However, this pictorial character, who obviously is of another political party, does not represent the attitude of most Americans who are not of the Republican Party. This kind of media expression is divisive! We have far too much hatred expressed against our “one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all!”

T. Elwood Long

The writer is pastor emeritus of Wilson’s Shiloh Pentecostal Holiness Church.

So his problem with the cartoon isn’t the straw man liberal news anchor hoping for a bomb to strike our country. It’s the anchor suggesting God might not exist because HOW DARE ANYONE EVEN MENTION THAT POSSIBILITY?! IT MIGHT GIVE PEOPLE IDEAS!

Most Democrats are religious — Long is right about that — but it’s telling that what he thinks is “divisive” has nothing to do with the false depiction of liberals.

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