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Quick: What does LGBT stand for?

If you think the “B” means “bisexual,” you’d be wrong… according to Religious Right activist Star Parker.

She said on the Vocal Point radio show yesterday that it stood for “bestiality” — because that’s really the same thing as being gay, lesbian, or transgender. She added that the “Q” went from Queer to Questioning, therefore any of the letters are subject to change.

“They keep pushing out this idea, LGBTQ,” she said. “We did the ‘L’ and the ‘G,’ they legalized marriage for themselves. We doing the ‘T’ now — the trans — and this is a big, big challenge in our society right now. They did the ‘Q’ where they’re changing all the textbooks, even as low as kindergarten, to reflect that you don’t know what you are, you’re questioning. But notice they skipped over the ‘B,’ and there are some that say this ‘B’ is going to bombard us with real vileness in our society if they get what they want because it’s not about bisexuality, it’s about bestiality.

This is news to… everybody. Because no one’s asking for the laws to change to permit sex with animals. Even the host of the show, Jerry Newcombe, seemed taken aback because he asked Parker to clarify her comments.

… she insisted that since the LGBTQ movement is constantly changing the meaning of terms and pushing an increasingly radical agenda, “we’re not sure what they mean by ‘B.’”

“We do know that there is an agenda and we do know that there have been discussions about bestiality in their closed doors,” she said. “I’m just saying don’t be surprised if we find out that that ‘B’ is not what they said publicly — that we just love each other — that it may, in law, show up as something else.”

Seriously, what secret meetings does she think LGBTQ people are having in which they discuss the legal strategy to screw their pets? (And even if they did, why would they tell her about it?)

This is just another Christian lie pushed by another Christian bigot. When it comes to demonizing LGBTQ people, it’s not even a new lie. Just ask Rick Santorum.

(via Right Wing Watch. Screenshot via YouTube)

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