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We already knew evangelical financial “guru” Dave Ramsey was the Boss From Hell for ignoring COVID precautions in the workplace, planning a no-mask holiday party in December, and reportedly pulling out a gun during a staff meeting.

We learned last week that he’ll also fire employees for having sex before they’re married — which means he fires employees for what they do with their private lives and that he may know what his employees are doing in their private lives. (It’s also a rule that specifically hurts women more than men since the repercussions of sex may be visible only for them.)

But Ramsey isn’t apologizing for any of that. In fact, in a statement posted to his website, Ramsey doubled down on his rule — before adding that he had the power to fire anyone for any reason.

… I’ve got a right to tell my employees whatever I want to tell them. They freaking work for me. This is an employment-at-will state, which means if I decide I don’t like people with green eyes, I don’t have to hire you. I don’t have to keep you anymore. There are no eye color discrimination laws, sorry. Now I would never do that. I’m not that arbitrary, and I’m not that mean or unkind. But listen, if your spouse can’t trust you, what makes you think I can trust you?

To answer that last question, maybe because a private relationship and a public workplace are different and what happens in one doesn’t necessarily reflect on the other…

But more to the point: Ramsey says he’s not so petty to actually fire anyone on account of their eye color… but why would anyone want to work for a boss who takes joy in that power? He’s practically giddy about how he has the ability to ruin people’s lives for whatever arbitrary reasons he chooses.

No wonder Inc. magazine just dropped his company from their list of Best Places to Work.

He’s not interested in helping his employees find happiness or success. He’s interested in consolidating his own power. If you’re not on board, that’s your problem. It’s a reminder that if you’re desperate or gullible enough to get a job with him, you may want to make sure you have a therapist on standby.

Be sure to remember these words. People this arrogant often get caught up in Matt Gaetz-like hypocrisy… eventually.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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