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A few days ago, there were electrical fires near Wisconsin’s Capitol building that led Gov. Tony Ever to declare a state of emergency. No one was injured, but the power did go out for a while for some residents living in Madison.

It’s the sort of thing that can happen in the middle of a heat wave. It’s disturbing but not totally unusual.

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But now an anti-abortion group says the electrical fires were the result of God’s wrath regarding — you guessed it — abortions.

The declaration was made by Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas and Pastor Matt Trewhella of Operation Save America. Trewhella once signed a letter saying the murder of abortion providers was “justifiable” since you would save the lives of the unborn.

In this instance, he’s not preaching violence. He’s just an idiot. The men believe the fires were a sign from God as a result of their organization leading anti-abortion protests outside the Capitol:

Is it a coincidence that the day after this prophetic rebuke was delivered to Wisconsin government for sanctioning the murder of innocent babies who are made in the image of God that Madison today declared a state of emergency? Is it mere chance that the very spot of the fire and outage struck at the seat of Wisconsin government, while the rest of the city retained power? Is it happenstance this city is on fire? We, at Operation Save America, think not. We believe there is a direct connection between what happened yesterday and what has taken place today. It is time for others to connect the dots as well.

“We… think not” ought to be the motto for the anti-abortion movement…

Anyone can connect two dots. That doesn’t mean you solved a puzzle. What happened wasn’t a coincidence, but it also had nothing to do with the protests. I assure you the transmission substations that exploded weren’t paying attention to the protesters’ signs. Furthermore, forcing women to have babies against their will won’t prevent climate change and heat waves from occurring.

But what else would you expect from a group of people whose activism depends on them being unable to think critically? If you think week-old fetuses are equivalent to human beings, deserving of the same rights to the point that taking an abortion pill is equivalent to homicide, saying “God saw fit to start a fire” in response to “pro-aborts” is hardly a stretch.

(Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to Ryan for the link)

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