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Yesterday, during a predictably troubling rant, Christian hate-preacher Greg Locke spread more misinformation about COVID from the pulpit, urging his congregation to make enemies of health care workers. At this point he doesn’t care how many members of his Tennessee church die off as long as he gets to cement his reputation as a professional right-wing troll.

Stop believing all these numbers — inflated evil and wicked nonsense. All these people are NOT DYING OF WHAT THEY’RE TELLING YOU THEY’RE DYING OF! The hospitals of America are the death camps of East Germany. The worst place to go today is a hospital when you are sick. They are killing people for money. On purpose. And you know I’m telling you the facts. I don’t give two flips of a nickel what Nancy Pelosi thinks about it.

These doctors and nurses are killing people and blaming us! It’s ’em unmasked people. It’s ’em unvaccinated people. I ain’t playing with this bunch of demons. I don’t care what Right Wing Watch thinks. CNN can say anything they want to. You got the wrong one if you think I’m gonna bow down to this wicked evil nonsense.

… I ain’t playing their games. I’ll preach all day long and miss the Chinese buffet if I have to!

Truly the ultimate sacrifice at the end there…

I shouldn’t have to explain why comparing anything to concentration camps is beyond the pale, but it’s symbolic of how little Locke cares about the Holocaust that he’ll compare life-saving hospitals and healthcare workers to the sorts of people who murdered Jews during World War II.

I can’t decide if he cares less about medical staffers or Jewish people. But the point isn’t to make a sane comparison; it’s to pretend anti-vaxxer Christians like him are being persecuted, even though he’s not. He so badly wants to be a martyr that he’s willing to encourage people to make irresponsible decisions that could lead to their own deaths or the deaths of their loved ones. He doesn’t care. He’s only in this for himself. There isn’t an ounce of decency in him.

All of this is especially troubling coming from a pastor who admitted on national TV that he has no clue what a “pandemic” is and whose church has already seen at least one person die from COVID. (Who knows how many others are infected or dead.)

Locke has also said that if anyone shows up to church with a face mask, he will kick that person out. In fact, masks are forbidden at his church. He’s also repeatedly yelled at his congregation to not get vaccinated.

He’s basically working for COVID at this point, not Jesus. And even though he’s been banned on Twitter, he’s already violating their terms of service by creating an alternative account that’s still up as of this writing in order to spread his misinformation even further.

So why share his words here? People need to know what Christian extremism looks like these days. There’s no biblical principle at work here. It’s just pushing back against anything experts and/or Democrats say, no matter how factual it is, as if being a contrarian is the only “Christian” virtue that matters. Even if it leads to the death of hundreds of thousands of people (and counting).

COVID continues to threaten the entire world because irresponsible conservatives like the people in this church have decided it’s more important to spread the virus than listen to people who know what they’re talking about. And Greg Locke is one of their ringleaders.

Unfortunately, his ego, mixed with his church members’ ignorance, could have a devastating impact on all the rest of us.

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