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A couple of days ago, Christian hate-preacher Greg Locke said that if members of his Tennessee church showed up with face masks, he would kick them out.

He’s now going full-batshit, insisting that masks are now forbidden at his church.

We got two banners coming this week that says “Our campus is a mask-free church. Either kindly remove them or sit in your car.” You can sit in your car! If you come to our church, and you try to protest what I said by wearing a mask, we will escort you to the door.

We’re not playing. We’re a place of faith, not a place of fear. We believe in healings and salvations and baptisms and restoration and revival. We believe in miracles, signs, and wonders. And we’re gonna talk about all this nonsense like, “Oh, everybody’s gotta sit six feet apart? You gotta wear a mask?”

We will not allow it! We’re a mask-free campus. That chaps your hide? I don’t care. We’re a mask-free campus.

Nothing says deranged Christian cult like a preacher who threatens to expel anyone who dares to be considerate about anyone else’s health.

This whole threat, of course, is all for show. No one who’s smart enough to wear a mask would ever go to Locke’s church, anyway.

It’s also a rejection of the whole idea of personal responsibility. It’s not enough for Locke to say masks are optional, which would be bad enough. He’s now saying that he won’t allow you in the circus tent he calls a church unless you abide by his dress code. This will come as a shock to all those people who kept stressing the importance of personal choice on the issue of masks and everything else…

While I feel bad that Locke is leading more members of his congregation to premature death, I’m more concerned about how these churchgoers are going to leave Locke’s tent and go back into their communities, likely infecting even more people, because they were gullible enough to take a preacher seriously even though he doesn’t give a damn about them or their families.

He’s a heartless man who would gladly sacrifice members of his own congregation in order to own the libs.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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