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One of the participants in the recent anti-LGBTQ “Make America Straight Again” Christian hate-conference was Pastor Tommy McMurtry of Liberty Baptist Church in Illinois.

Just before the conference, he had posted a video telling his followers that he longed to go back to the time when society executed gay people.

… There was a time when society, when our country saw them for what they were, and they put them in their place: six feet under. And unfortunately, we have forgotten that in our country.

Seems fairly unambiguous to me: We used to kill gay people, and “unfortunately,” we no longer do that.

The conference itself only reinforced that notion, with multiple pastors talking about how the government ought to be executing gay people.

Yesterday, McMurtry was back in his home pulpit, and he lashed out against the media for supposedly quoting his “six feet under” words out of context.

Except it wasn’t out of context. And his explanation just proved the media got it right. It begins around the 30:00 mark:

YouTube video

… I mean, just the amount of lies that are coming [out] about me right now, I’m just like… and I just keep telling myself, “These lies are from homos, and it’s mostly homos listening to it. They think a boy can be a girl, a girl can be a boy. It’s mainly from gaytheists.” Alright? So not only do they believe that, but they also believe they evolved from monkeys. So if they believe stuff like that, I guess they could literally believe anything about me.

… It can be so dishonest. And you want to respond to it. I mean, somebody showed me the one today, they had the article, it had a quote from me, and it said “Pastor McMurtry said ‘homos’ in quotation marks — they put the ‘homos’ in quotation marks — should be, in their own words, put ‘six feet under’ in quotation marks under it. Alright? So the quote from me was ‘Homos’ should be put ‘six feet under’… That’s the way they made it look. They quoted my words ‘homos.’ They quoted my words ‘six feet under.’… Yes, those words all came out of my mouth, but I wasn’t saying that! I’m not saying whether I think that or not, but I’m just saying… that’s not what I said! I said that’s what society used to think, and everybody knows that! That’s just a historical fact that they whine and cry about!

They cry about that, alright? The only difference… between what I said there and what they say about their own history is that I don’t think it was a bad thing! That’s the only difference!

So to recap: McMurtry didn’t say “Homos should be put six feet under.” Even though he totally believes that. What he actually said was that society used to think gay people should be executed… and he just happens to believe we should go back to that time.

How dare the media get that so wrong?!

By the way, the title of his sermon was “Love your enemies.” This is what passes for “love” for these Independent Fundamentalist Baptist preachers.

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