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Ohio osteopath Sherri Tenpenny has spent the past couple of years pretending to be an expert on COVID-related matters. She says face masks harm the people wearing them (they don’t), that the vaccine causes a fatal auto-immune disease (nope), and that homeopathy can cure COVID patients (a belief so idiotic only Aaron Rodgers believes it).

She’s such a Christian liar that the groups Center for Countering Digital Hate and Anti-Vax Watch included Tenpenny on their “Disinformation Dozen” list consisting of people responsible for 65% of all anti-vaxxer content and 73% of such material on Facebook specifically.

Tenpenny was one of the speakers at the recent “ReAwaken America Tour” stop in Texas — the one where Michael Flynn spoke about how America needs to “have one religion” — and gave an insane speech calling vaccines a form of torture and very late-term abortion.

“People have got to start saying to their bosses who are requiring them to get tested if they don’t get a shot, you need to start saying to them, ‘Torture is illegal in the United States of America, and you repeatedly testing me for being non-compliant and disobedient is torture,’” Tenpenny said. “I think that we’re going to be writing that up, and we’re going to sending it into the [Equal Employment Opportunity Commission], and we’re going to start accusing you and these policies of being torture.”

“We know that this is murder by injection,” she added. “You’re supposed to give this as sacrificing your children to Baaloch, to Baal. Child sacrifice being resurged in these final days from the Babylonian mystery schools, from the Tower of Babel and the descendants of Nimrod. And this is what is happening. And if you see anybody participating in this, you need to be challenging them about what they are doing to their spirituality and what they are sacrificing their children to.”

“We’ve sacrificed over 60 million unborn babies in abortion,” she continued. “We have multiple states in this country who actually allow late-term abortion. Now we are doing very, very, very, very late-term abortion by killing 5-year-olds.

“This is happening in America, people, and it’s your job to stop everybody you know and wake them up and shove it in their face,” Tenpenny urged. “If they defund you off of social media, who cares? Now, it’s about trying to save unborn babies and pregnant women. They now are actually starting a trial to give these shots to 6-month-olds. This is child sacrifice.”

Five-year-olds are not dying from the vaccine. More than a million kids have now received their first dose of the vaccine and they’re a hell of a lot safer than the unvaccinated kids whose parents attend events like these.

These idiots are so addicted to being “pro-life” that they can’t even recognize when they’re promoting a belief that leads to mass death.

These aren’t just conservative lies either. These are lies fueled by Christianity and spread by Jesus-followers too ignorant to realize she’s making it all up as she goes along. Meanwhile, too many Christian pastors don’t have the guts to call out these lies for what they are. They refuse to tell their congregations to get vaccinated or get out. They have decided silence is preferable to alienating the most dangerous people in their churches. Which means the worst Christians continue getting large platforms to spread their lies.

Remember: This event took place at Pastor John Hagee‘s megachurch. Even if he wasn’t directly involved in the event, he’s part of the problem too. It’s not like he’s ever going to denounce these lies; he’s too busy spreading lies of his own.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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