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The Christian Right legal group Liberty Counsel has basically transformed from an anti-LGBTQ organization to a mouthpiece for faith-based misinformation about COVID, with founder Mat Staver using his platform to spread conspiracies that make Mike Lindell look halfway sane. Over the past couple of weeks, he’s promoted the lie that there is poisonous “graphene oxide” in the vaccines, supported the idea that getting the shot violates “the Nuremberg Code,” and claimed (with faulty citations) that the side effects of the vaccine are significant.

He’s only getting worse because conservative Christians refuse to call out his lies.

During a livestream on Wednesday, Staver rattled off a long list of COVID lies in an attempt to discourage Christians from getting vaccinated. Those lies included:

  • The COVID vaccines is designed to depopulate the planet.
  • The COVID vaccines include a “tracking mechanism.”
  • Bill Gates wasn’t vaccinated. (He was.)
  • The COVID vaccines are meant to “affect your reproduction” and “prevent people from procreating.”
  • The COVID vaccines lead to longer, bloodier, more painful periods in women.

“What is involved in this is depopulation, population control to reduce the population of the planet, and to control everyone, and to do it by force and to have a tracking mechanism to determine whether or not you’ve had one of these particular injections,” Staver said. “COVID is being used as a mechanism for a bigger global agenda.”

“What it’s doing is it’s affecting the reproductive systems,” Staver added. “And it goes to the testes as well. And it’s affecting both men and women in terms of their ability, or rather their inability, to later procreate. So, one: It’s killing people. Two: it’s going to prevent people from procreating. So, I will guarantee you that in a few years, when somebody does a study, they’re going to say, ‘I wonder why the population reproduction rate has plummeted?’ And whether they’re going to connect it to this or not, I don’t know. But this is their insidious plan.”

Those are all lies. Staver is either purposely spreading misinformation in order to hurt people or he’s too dumb to realize he’s gone down a COVID rabbit hole of lies. Whatever the case, this also means that no one in his life circle has the courage or influence to stop him from doing all this damage. Unfortunately, he’s built up an audience of gullible, hateful conservative Christians who followed his lead when it meant hurting LGBTQ people and who may now follow him right off a COVID cliff.

As many commenters online have noted, you know what also gets in the way of procreation? Death.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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