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David Brody, the former Christian Broadcasting Network host-turned-MAGA cultist, and Christian hate group leader Mat Staver shared all kinds of COVID-related laughs during an interview on the Real America’s Voice network yesterday. It culminated in the men claiming vaccine mandates were akin to Nazi Germany and a violation of the Nuremberg Code.

Their justification for saying all this? There is none. They’re just really, really awful human beings who are all too aware that their audience is even dumber than they are.

BRODY: … As the Liberty Counsel points out, since the vaccine has only been approved for emergency use authorization and not full FDA approval, any mandates for this vaccine would be a violation of federal law.

So why? Well, because it would violate a little thing called the Nuremberg Code, a code mentioned on the FDA website — not or — the Nuremberg Code emphasizes that people cannot be forced to take experimental drugs without their full consent

… But you’re probably thinking, well, hey, hold on, that’s Nazi Germany and Nuremberg Code or not, the U.S. government would never administer medical treatment that could potentially be harmful, let alone mandate it, right? Well, actually wrong.

STAVER: It’s right on their website. You know, a lot of things, they’re just simply not presenting. We know that the CDC, for example, has the VAERS log, and in the VAERS log, now, there’s around 12,000 deaths, over half a million adverse reactions, over 1,200 miscarriages, lots of heart conditions, blood clots, permanent disability in the tens of thousands and tens and tens of thousands of hospitalizations from the shots. In seven months, we’ve had more people die from the COVID shots than in the 31 years total combined from all vaccines when they began logging the VAERS from July 1, 1990, to the present.

The vaccines have been tested extensively and the proof of their efficacy is clear: People who aren’t vaccinated are far more likely to suffer if they catch COVID than those who have vaccine-fueled immunity. Trying to save people’s lives through a vaccine is nothing like Nazi Germany. Which these guys would know if they ever opened up a second book.

And as many people have pointed out, the VAERS log (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) they’re talking about allows anyone to report anything without any vetting. The site even makes clear: “The report of an adverse event to VAERS is not documentation that a vaccine caused the event.”

But, again, both men know all this. They’re spreading lies to a brainwashed base because they don’t give a damn if their statements end up killing people. They’re careless, irresponsible, and using their platforms in a way that Christians everywhere ought to condemn — but won’t.

(via Media Matters)

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