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Our long national nightmare is over. The one mom at One Million Moms (Twitter count: 4,781) finally found out about the Pixar short film “Out,” now available on Disney+, that features a gay protagonist scared to come out to his parents.

Other conservatives have already weighed in on the “normalization of sexual perversion” — which is Christianese for “they show a gay man without making a necessary reference to hellfire” — but The Mom hadn’t said anything!

Until now.

The group issued a press release (with spoilers) condemning the promotion of a “gay agenda”:

Christian parents who have a Disney+ subscription should seriously consider canceling it since Disney cannot be trusted. Disney is clearly supporting unbiblical values and promoting sin to children. We need to stand together to preserve the innocence of our children.

Yes, Disney is “promoting sin” by showing a gay man who happens to be in love. Imagine how corrupt your evangelical “values” have to be to see this film and get angry about it.

Monica Cole, the never-seen Mom that runs this group, also urged member(s) to sign a petition for Disney to “remove the short film Out immediately from its online streaming service Disney+.”

I’m sure a petition signed by a group of Christian bigots will totally persuade them.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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